Need Help Reaching Your Special Needs Audience?

We have spent over $25,000 analyzing and collecting data and trying different methods for advertising to reach parents of special needs children and adults in Texas, and we’ve found what we believe is the best bang for your buck.



Pay One-Time. Tailored to your business. No long-term contracts.

Unlike other advertising agencies, we DON’T charge by the hour.
We ONLY work with special needs organizations.
All packages can be customized according to your needs.

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Skeptical that we can help? Check out our engagement on Facebook, Instagram, or our Facebook Group and see for yourself. We have over 15,000 followers (and growing).

If you are looking for a strategic partner to create or transform your social digital marketing platform look to Daniel Stein. He understood our specialized marketing need and helped promote our business through various social media channels increasing our qualified lead traffic and conversion leading to a substantial increase in our clients. I highly recommend him to any business owner looking to grow!

Dr. Shawn Seifikar, DDS.

Special Care Dentistry

I had been posting through a third-party company on my Facebook business page and noticed that my engagement was way down. At the time I had noticed that Special Strong had a ton of good engagement with their posts and so I reached out to Daniel and he knew exactly what to do. 18 months later, my engagement has gone through the roof! I can honestly say that without Daniel’s advice and education I would not be where I am today.

Justin Turner, DC

Expressing Life Chiropractic

Daniel Stein is an unbelievably inspiring individual who rallies teams, ignites vision, and creates possibilities. Daniel’s drive for action and results causes him to think beyond what is right in front of him and creatively work toward the inspiring end goal. In one social media promotion Daniel helped me acquire 5 new clients within 48 hours of the post and a total of 8 new clients in one week. Daniel’s network is great and with his help my business is growing!

Eric Atherton, Biblical Counselor & Thought Coach

Resolute Biblical Counseling




Reaches over 17,500 People!
Good for start-ups and small businesses who want brand awareness or have something to promote (event or promotion) for a specific month.
$ 250
One-Time Fee
  • We promote a post about you in our Texas Special Needs Community Group (Reach 2,000+ families)
  • We mark your post as an announcement for five days in our Texas Special Needs Community Group (Reach 2,000+ families)
  • We promote a post about you on our Special Strong Facebook Page (Reach 4,500+ fans)
  • We promote a post about you on our Special Strong Instagram account about you (Reach 12,000+ followers)


Reaches over 24,500 People!
Good for small-medium sized businesses who want to promote events and want longer-term lead generation and good exposure for their event.
$ 500
One-Time Fee
  • Everything in Basic PLUS
  • We send out an email to our Special Strong list about you! (Reaches over 3,000 families)
  • We pin your post for five days in our Texas Special Needs Community Group (Reach 2,000+ families)
  • Daniel makes a post on his personal Facebook page about you! (Reaches over 2,500 of Daniel’s Facebook friends, most are industry connections!)
  • We create an SEO friendly blog post about you and create backlinks to your website


Reaches an Unlimited Number of People
Good for medium or large sized clients who want to promote events and want more exposure for their event or practice. Great for national!
$ 1,000
One-Time Fee
  • Everything in Basic & Pro PLUS
  • We teach you how to target your ad to a special needs audience on Facebook
  • We teach you the basics of Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • We help you create a lead generation ad (you pay for the ad)

Custom Quote

Want to promote on a single platform or customize a package tailored to your business?

Three Marketing Packages

Strong Advertising offers three simple standard digital marketing packages —Basic ($250),  Pro ($500), and Elite ($1,000)

Add-On Services

 Add-on services and customization is also available. Contact us for more details on what you need.

Targeted Reach

 Our reach is highly targeted specifically for people who live in DFW/Texas and are in the special need’s community.

Effective Outreach

 Special Strong has one of the largest digital marketing reaches in Texas for Special Needs.

Turnkey Solution

 Both packages utilize Special Strong’s platform presence to reach more people and are managed by Special Strong.

Highly Experienced

Special Strong has been in the community of helping special needs individuals for over a decade, and continues to grow.


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